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Eating Gilmore

Welcome to Eating Gilmore! My name is Larisa, and I am a simple home cook who is obsessed with Gilmore Girls. Currently, I am cooking my way through the series one episode at a time. Each episode, I select a dish, drink, or meal to prepare inspired by that episode, and I will share that dish with you!


A disclaimer: I am not a chef. I am not trained in the culinary arts. I have never worked in a restaurant. Cooking has always been something I’ve enjoyed, even as a kid, but I don’t claim to have any skills beyond the average home cook. I also don’t really have any blogging experience. However, I am excited to give it a try! 

A word of warning regarding spoilers. Because Gilmore Girls came out twenty years ago, I'm not going to avoid spoiling the show. If you have not watched Gilmore Girls before, I recommend turning on Netflix right this second! Then come back and enjoy my blog because there will be spoilers, sorry, not sorry. 


I am not affiliated with Warner Bros, Amy Sherman Palladino’s masterpiece, the Eat Like a Gilmore cookbook, or any other Gilmore Girls entities. So I hope you’ll follow me where I lead.

To learn more about how I fell in love with Gilmore Girls, head to my first blog bost. 

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