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The Eating Gilmore STORY

Welcome to Eating Gilmore! I’m Larisa, a passionate, yet simple, home cook with an obsession for all things Stars Hollow. In November 2020, I embarked on a culinary adventure of cooking my way through every episode of my favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls. The idea was simple but delicious—create a dish inspired by each episode. From mouthwatering main courses and delectable desserts to tempting appetizers and fabulous cocktails, I tackled it all.

For each episode, I created a dish that was either mentioned on the show or appeared on screen, while occasionally, I took creative liberties in what I made. But at the heart of every dish was my love for Gilmore Girls. Three years later, I completed the original series, creating a dish inspired by all 153 episodes along with a few bonus dishes. Then I dove into A Year in the Life and created 16 dishes for the revival. 

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The Encore

After cooking through the original series and the revival, I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Eating Gilmore. I am now cooking my encore, going back through the original series and creating even more Gilmore dishes! There is no rhyme or reason for the order of episodes I'm following for the encore. It's really about getting to create and share the dishes I didn't get to the first time around. 

Larisa, the chef behind Eating Gilmore wears a sweatshirt that reads I cooked my way through Gilmore Girls

My process of creating recipes starts with a lot of research by first looking for any on-screen information regarding the dish. Then I read through recipes to understand flavors, ingredients, and techniques. I am not professionally trained in the kitchen; everything is completely self-taught! 

As an avid fan of the show, I immersed myself into the charming world of Stars Hollow, from Luke's Diner to the Dragonfly Inn Kitchen to Friday Night Dinners. My recipes aren't just about the food; they are a celebration of the connections and relationships formed through the shared love of Gilmore Girls. 

Larisa, the chef behind Eating Gilmore wears a sweatshirt that reads also created by Amy Sherman Paladino
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