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Fruit Kebab Bar 6.10 He's Slippin' 'Em Bread...Dig? Encore (and My New Site!)

“Lunch! I’m making you lunch!” “But we just-” “Don’t fight it.” “It just came to me. Kebabs! Okay drop everything, boys! We’re making kebabs for Rory.”

Before we dive into the recipe, I have some updates! As you may have noticed, I’ve re-designed my website. You’ll find a few new pages such as the collections page where I have grouped recipes for easy access and the features page where I share my podcast appearances and other fortunate opportunities I’ve had to share my project. You can also subscribe to never miss a recipe. I’m also starting a newsletter for subscribers where I’ll occasionally share my thoughts and opinions on the show. 

That’s right, my recipes are back on my blog! You may remember I moved my encore recipes to Patreon a few months ago. However, I felt like that space wasn’t for me. I’ve never wanted to monetize this project, but I thought I might try it out. As it turns out, monetizing is not for me. I prefer to keep this project as a hobby, and if you enjoy following along, then I’m happy to have you. My first 9 encore recipes will remain exclusive to those who subscribed to my Patreon, but the remaining encore recipes will all be available for free! I’m excited to be back here with all of you. 

One last announcement, I started a podcast! My friend, Joy (@avintagejoylife) and I launched Blanket Fort Files last month. We are a true cozy podcast and we talk about all things comfy and cozy in our metaphorical blanket fort. Each week we both discuss a cozy case file for that episode’s theme. 

Now for the recipe! This one is more a how-to guide with some suggestions more than a strict recipe to follow. There’s a story that goes into how we got to a fruit kebab bar, but I’ll give you the recipe first since I’ve already talked a lot and y’all know I always promise to list the recipe first on my blog!


  • Fruit: (here’s what I used, but feel free to use any fruit you like!)

  • Strawberries

  • Raspberries

  • Blackberries

  • Blueberries

  • Bananas

  • Granny smith apples

  • Cherries

  • Green grapes

  • Mandarin oranges

  • Watermelon

  • Other dippable snacks: (here’s what I used, but feel free to use, but feel free to use what you like!)

  • Angel food cake, cubed

  • Pretzel sticks

  • Graham Cracker sticks

  • Dips: (here’s what I used, but feel free to use, but feel free to use what you like!)

  • Salted caramel sauce

  • Peanut butter

  • Honey and vanilla greek yogurt

  • Cream cheese sweetened with sugar and vanilla

  • Chocolate sauce

  • Marshmallow fluff


  1. Prep your fruit by washing and slicing if needed. 

  2. Add fruit, dips, and any other dippables you’re including to various bowls and plates. I think mismatched dishware gives the bar a fun eclectic look, but use what you have!

  3. Decorate your table. I used a colorful tablecloth and decor from around my house. You can find some fun pieces at the thrift store if you don’t have any decor. 

  4. Set up all the fruit and dips around the table. Don’t forget to add the kebab skewers!

  5. Add any drink of your choice. I sipped on some blueberry ginger beer. 

  6. Create your kebabs by sliding the fruit in any order you want onto the skewer then dip the fruit into any combination of dips!

Okay, here is my story of how we ended up at a fruit kebab bar from a Thanksgiving Gilmore Girls episode. For my encore, I have a list of dishes and the episodes they’re from that I’m planning to make. I’ll go through the list and decide what I want to cook. Normally, I like to be a couple weeks ahead of when I post, but with the end of the school year wrapping up, I’m about a week ahead. This past weekend, I made a dish I had written down for 6.10, and I thought all was good. I started the weekly games we play for each episode in my Instagram stories. However, when I sat down to go through the transcript for trivia Tuesday, I realized the dish I had made was actually not from 6.10!

I had two options: 1) I could tell my Instagram followers that I started us off with the wrong episode for games and shift gears for the episode the dish I made actually appears in or 2) I could scramble to put together a dish from 6.10. I started to go after option 2 and went through the transcript in search of a dish I could make in time for Friday. The only problem? This is a Thanksgiving episode and it’s June! My encore is supposed to be my chance to cook with the seasons, so I didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving in the summertime again. 

Sookie offers to make kebabs for Rory now that she and Lorelai have reunited. I figured kebabs were summery enough. But this was my first dish back on my blog and the newly redesigned website. I wanted to go with something a little more special than just kebabs. I had the idea to go with fruit kebabs because that felt more unique than traditional meat kebabs. As I was planning out what fruit I wanted to use, I had the idea to go all out (I have a tendency to be extra, what can I say) and put together a full summer fruit kebab bar! 

A little sneak peek for a future episode of Blanket Fort Files, I’m talking about American Girl magazine. In my nostalgic research, I remembered the many themed parties the magazine would share. So I think in the back of my mind, a summery fruit kebab bar themed party seemed like the way to go. I also think this is just the kind of spread Sookie would put together. You’ll have to stay tuned for the dish I thought I was making for 6.10 next week!

Happy cooking from the Hollow. 

For more encore dishes, check out the collection here.

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