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I have had some incredible opportunities to talk about my project. I am so grateful for the people I've meet and the community I've created. 

But I'm a Gilmore Book

I loved joining other Gilmore Girls creators, crew, cast, and fans talking about my love for the show and sharing my story with author Tara Dryfhout. 


But I'm a Gilmore! is a never-before-seen collection of stories and experiences from members of the cast, and crew who worked on Gilmore Girls, as well as Gilmore Girls fans―how they came to the show, why it resonates, and what it means to them - their 'Gilmore story'.


This book takes shape in three main sections: the three 'C's:


  • Cast and Crew: It's a Show

  • Creators: It's a Lifestyle

  • Cult Followers: It's a Religion

You can order a copy of the book here!


Bake with Me & Joy

I always love filming bake with me videos with Joy from A Vintage Joy Life. We chat about our love for the show, and I teach her how to bake some of my dishes. I enjoyed these so much, that I ended up starting a podcast with Joy called Blanket Fort Files!

Find out more about our podcast.

Subscribe to Joy's YouTube. 

Watch our videos:

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