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I am so grateful and honored for any opportunity to share my story. If you'd like to have me on your podcast or interview me, please fill free to fill out my contact form

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Friday Night Dinner Pod

Friday Night Dinner Pod is a fun Gilmore Girls recap podcast. Morgan and Rachelle are two sisters who are talking about our favorite show. I enjoyed chatting with them about this project.


Listen to the episode here!  

Gilmore Gals Pod

The Gilmore Gals are a friend group, Karishma, Anusha, and Jaina. They have been friends since high school and love Gilmore Girls as much now as they did back then. It was fun getting to talk to them about cooking my way through Gilmore Girls!

Listen to the episode here!

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Pam Wants to Know

I was honored to be the first guest on a brand new podcast, Pam Wants to Know. Pam is asking people from different industries about how they stay organized, productivity, and their passions. I got to talk about this project and encourage you to start a project if you have the idea to.


Listen to the episode here!  

But I'm a Gilmore Book

Author Taryn Dryfhout has put together a collection of stories from cast and crew of the show, creators such as myself, and fans of Gilmore Girls, all talking about how this show changed our lives. I'm so excited for my story to be included in this amazing book. Out on 6/3!


Order a copy here!

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