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Eating Gilmore Encore

Hello Eating Gilmore Encore Readers!

I’ve cooked my way through Gilmore Girls and now I’m doing an Encore! I am officially going back through the episodes and picking out dishes that I didn't make the first time. I want this encore to be a way for me to connect with all of you, so I launched a Patreon! I’m introducing lots of new exclusive content, so feel free to pick the best tier option for you. I understand this won’t be for everyone, but your support always means so much to me. 

I’ve decided that Patreon will be the only way to access my encore recipes. I’ll still share all of the dishes on Instagram, but if you want to recreate any dishes from my encore, you’ll have to join Patreon. Think of this as your virtual Eating Gilmore cookbook! You’ll get exclusive access to all my encore recipes with any of my tiers. 

Also, introducing the Eating Gilmore Encore Show: From Hot Plates to Hot Takes. I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes stories about cooking my way through the series and many of my opinions about our favorite show. The first episode will drop this Wednesday and is available if you join the Diner Regulars or Dragonfly Darlings tier! Diner Regulars get a new episode every month and Dragonfly Darlings get an episode every other week. 

I will keep all my original Eating Gilmore recipes here for free access. I hope you join me over on Patreon where we're going to have so much fun!


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I'm currently cooking my way through Gilmore Girls one episode at a time. I appreciate your support of my journey!

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