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Spaghetti and Meatballs 6.21 Driving Miss Gilmore

Updated: Jun 7

“All right, that's it. No more spaghetti and meatballs. Musepa, come get these plates.” “Mom!” “Every time we have spaghetti and meatballs, you fight.”


For the meatballs:

  • ¼ cup white onion, diced

  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced

  • 1 lb ground beef

  • ½ tsp pepper

  • 1 tsp salt

  • ½ tsp dried rosemary

  • 3 tsp sriracha

  • 2 tsp honey

  • 1 egg

  • ¼ cup breadcrumbs

For the sauce:

  • 4 roma tomatoes, diced

  • 5 oz tomato paste

  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced

  • 12-15 fresh basil leaves

  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 tsp salt

  • ½ tsp pepper

  • ¼ tsp red pepper flakes

  • ½ tsp granulated sugar

For the spaghetti:

  • 1 lb cooked spaghetti pasta


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

  2. In a large mixing bowl, add together all the meatball ingredients.

  3. Mix the meatball ingredients and with your hands form into small ball shapes.

  4. Place the meatballs onto a lined baking sheet or a mini muffin tray. I like using a mini muffin tray because it keeps the meatballs in shape and helps to keep their size relatively small. But if you don’t have one, you can definitely use a baking sheet.

  5. Bake the meatballs at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until browned and fully cooked.

  6. While the meatballs cook, prepare the sauce by adding the olive oil and garlic to a large saucepan over medium heat. Allow to sauté until the garlic becomes fragrant.

  7. Add the tomatoes, tomato paste, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and sugar. Allow to simmer for 20 minutes and the sauce to thicken.

  8. Serve the sauce over the meatballs and spaghetti pasta.

Well, it looks like the Gilmore girls will be fighting because spaghetti and meatballs are on the menu. We have another classic Friday Night Dinner, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I made homemade sriracha and honey meatballs for something a little more fun to go along with my homemade spaghetti sauce. And in the words of the great Ina Garten, store bought is fine so that's what I did for the pasta. I do love making my own pasta, but time was of the essence, so I just used dried pasta, and there's nothing wrong with that!

Happy cooking in the Hollow!

If you missed what I made last episode, catch up here!

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