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Dark Chocolate S'mores Wedding Cake 6.03 The Ungraduate

“Oooh what is that and where can I get one?” “That is my dark chocolate s’mores wedding cake.” “You’ve been reading my diary.” “I got the idea in a dream. I was back in cooking school and late for my final, and I run over to an oven, and I open it and sitting there is the s’mores wedding cake. And I present it to my teacher and he starts weeping, and the whole class is applauding and cheering.” “That’s so nice.” “Yeah! And then, of course, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise come leaping out of the cake, screaming how amazing it is, so that made the whole thing a little creepy, but up until then-” “Look, you’ve got a marshmallow bride and groom on the top!”


For the cake:

  • ⅓ cup sugar

  • ⅔ cup brown sugar

  • ½ cup unsalted butter, softened

  • 2 eggs

  • ⅛ cup milk

  • ¼ cup sour cream

  • ½ tsp vanilla extract

  • ⅓ cup + 2 tbsp all-purpose flour

  • ¼ cup dark chocolate cocoa powder

  • 1 ½ tsp baking powder

  • ½ tsp salt

  • ½ cup graham cracker crumbs

For the ganache filling:

  • 3.5 oz dark chocolate

  • 2 tbsp heavy cream

  • ½ cup marshmallow fluff

For the dark chocolate buttercream:

  • ⅔ cup granulated sugar

  • ⅓ cup water

  • 3 egg whites

  • ¼ tsp cream of tartar

  • 3 cups of unsalted butter, room temperature (6 sticks)

  • ½ cup dark chocolate cocoa powder

  • ½ tsp salt

For decoration:

  • ⅓ cup graham cracker crumbs

  • Dark chocolate shavings

  • Regular-sized or mini marshmallows

  • 4 jumbo marshmallows

  • Edible markers (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

  2. In a large bowl, cream together both sugars and butter until smooth.

  3. Mix in the eggs, milk, sour cream, and vanilla until well combined and smooth.

  4. Sift in flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt.

  5. Fold in the graham cracker crumbs.

  6. Grease two 7-inch cake tins and line with parchment paper. Split the cake batter between the cake tins.

  7. Bake at 350 F for 20-23 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

  8. Allow cakes to cool completely on a wire rack.

  9. While the cakes cool, prepare the chocolate ganache topping by heating the heavy cream and dark chocolate in a double boiler until melted or in a microwave-safe bowl for about 30 seconds.

  10. Prepare the buttercream by combining the sugar and water in a medium saucepan and place over medium-high heat. Allow to boil and with a candy thermometer, allow to reach soft ball stage- 235 degrees F.

  11. While the sugar and water are boiling, combine the egg whites and cream of tartar. Using your electric mixer, whisk until soft peaks form.

  12. Carefully remove the sugar mixture from the heat and gently pour in a stream into your egg whites while mixing on the lowest speed.

  13. Turn the speed up to medium and whisk for 5-10 minutes or until the bowl is no longer hot to the touch.

  14. Add in the butter one tablespoon at a time while still whisking the buttercream. Stir in the cocoa powder and salt until incorporated.

  15. Transfer about ½ cup of the buttercream to a piping bag with a star tip.

  16. Once your cakes have cooled, trim off a thin layer to level your cake if needed. Spread an even layer of the ganache on top of one of the cakes. Place cake in the freezer for 2-3 minutes to allow the ganache to harden.

  17. Once the ganache has hardened, spread the marshmallow fluff on top of the ganache. Pipe some of the buttercream on top of the marshmallow and use an offset spatula to level it out into a thick layer. Then place the other cake on top to sandwich it.

  18. To frost the cake, first spread a thin crumb coat of the buttercream over the top and sides of the cake. Wrap the cake with plastic wrap and allow the crumb coat to set for 30 minutes in the fridge.

  19. Remove the cake from the plastic wrap and fully frost the cake with the buttercream, using an offset spatula or knife.

  20. Sprinkle the graham cracker crumbs and dark chocolate shavings over the top of the cake.

  21. Use the remaining buttercream in the piping bag to decorate your cake to your liking.

  22. Add marshmallows to the top or sides of the cake to your liking and if you have a kitchen blowtorch, you can slightly toast the marshmallows.

  23. To make the marshmallow bride and groom, stack two jumbo marshmallows on top of each other and connect them with toothpicks. Decorate the bride and groom to your liking. I made a top hat out of construction paper and a veil out of tissue paper. I created faces with edible markers.

This is a dish I've been waiting to get to since starting this project! If Sookie has been reading Lorelai's diary, then she's also been reading mine. I baked a rich, moist dark chocolate cake with graham cracker crumbs. Then I layered the cake with dark chocolate ganache, marshmallow fluff, and dark chocolate buttercream. The cake is frosted in the dark chocolate buttercream, and topped with more graham cracker crumbs, dark chocolate shavings, toasted marshmallows, and of course, the marshmallow bride and groom! I had fun putting together the little bride and groom.

Happy cooking from the Hollow!

If you missed what I made last episode, catch up here!

I really wish Luke and Lorelai ended up with a s'mores wedding cake!


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