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Founders' Day Punch 5.18 To Live and Let Diorama

“Paris!” “We paid our three dollars.” “Miss Patty's leftover punch is used to remove tar from construction sites.” “Then let it remove the tar from our souls.


  • 1 cup strawberries, sliced

  • ½ cup dragon fruit, cubed or balled

  • ¾ cup watermelon, cubed or balled

  • ¾ cup triple sec

  • 2 cups gin

  • 1 ½ cup white wine

  • ½ cup pomegranate juice

  • 2 cups cranberry juice

  • ⅓ cup lemon juice

  • Ice to serve

  • Club soda to serve


  1. In a large pitcher, combine strawberries, dragon fruit, and watermelon. Stir to mix the fruit together.

  2. Pour in the triple sec, gin, white wine, pomegranate, cranberry, and lemon juices. Stir to combine.

  3. Allow to chill for at least one hour.

  4. Serve over crushed ice and top with club soda.

Serve up this punch at your next party!

We’re finally at the infamous Miss Patty’s Founders’ Day Punch! The punch has been mentioned a few times already on the show, but I was saving it for this episode because it’s really the star of the episode—especially with Paris. Drunk Paris is one of my favorite moments in the whole show, so I wanted to pay homage to that scene.

While this is definitely a fancier version of what Miss Patty would serve (someone on my Instagram commented that her punch is probably Kool-Aid and rubbing alcohol, which I think is very likely), I think she would still be a fan of my version. I didn’t go quite to the level where you could remove tar from construction sites with this punch, but I did want it to still have a boozy kick to it. Whether you are serving this at a party, a winter carnival, or a town museum, it will be the perfect drink!

Happy cooking from the Hollow!

If you missed what I made last episode, catch up here!

"Then let it remove the tar from our souls."


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