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Green Smoothie "Salad Water" 3.04 One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes

Updated: Jun 4

“Now, you feel better? Burning’s completely gone?” “Completely. I even think the Salad Water’s helping.” “Okay, here goes nothing. So have you mentioned dyeing your hair to the band yet?”


  • 5 ice cubes

  • 1 kiwi, peeled and diced

  • ½ cup of granny smith apple, peeled and diced

  • ½ cup of kale, chopped

  • ½ tsp lime juice

  • ¼ tsp freshly grated ginger

  • ½ banana, sliced

  • ¾ cup coconut milk


  1. Add all the ingredients to a blender. Be sure the apple is diced on the small side.

  2. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

  3. If you are okay with a chunkier texture, pour smoothie into a glass. However, if you prefer a smoother texture, Pour smoothie through a mesh sieve before pouring into a glass.

Granny Smith apple adds some sourness to the smoothie.

This episode was very light on mentioning food, so I didn’t really have any options. Technically, salad water is from Japan not Korea like the episode mentions. It’s exactly what it sounds like, water that is flavored to taste like salad. Essence from romaine lettuce is extracted to give the water its unique flavor. Salad water is produced by Coca-cola in Japan. Reference: The Drink Feed.

For my dish this episode, I decided to do a play on salad water and create a green smoothie. I’m usually not a fan of green smoothies. I prefer to have a lot of fruit in my smoothies over vegetables since fruits have a lot of natural sweetness. If I haven’t said it on here before, I have a sweet tooth. The thought of putting kale, spinach, or other vegetables into a smoothie has never been all that appealing to me. However, I made sure to add lots of fruits to go with the kale in this green smoothie. I don’t mind a bit of texture in my smoothies, so I didn’t strain it through a sieve, but if you prefer a smoother consistency, I would recommend that you do that.

Kiwi adds a brighter shade of green and brings some sweetness.

I absolutely love Lane in this episode. It’s one of the first times that we get to see her be independent and make her own decision. Though there is a point of contention that she dyes her hair back to black, I think she still stands up for herself in her own way. I’m actually pretty torn on whether I want Lane to keep her purple hair or dye it back to black. Obviously, I love Lane with purple hair, and I love even more what the purple hair stands for. However, I can completely understand her fear when she realizes her mom is home and decides to dye it back. What are your thoughts on Lane dying her hair? Do you think she should have kept it purple or gone back to black?

I know banana may seem like a weird pairing with the other ingredients, but trust me!

So that covers the “Other One Dyes” portion of this episode, let’s talk about the “One’s Got Class” part. This part of the episode actually frustrates me a lot. First, I don’t like when Lorelai annoys Luke into giving the presentation at Stars Hollow High. I get that’s supposed to be their banter, and most of the time I like Lorelai when she’s trying to annoy Luke. But in this episode, I just think she takes it way too far. Then when we actually get to the career day presentation, the students ask Lorelai all those questions. I get that they are curious and I would bet money that Stars Hollow High doesn’t have a sex education program, but I just find it odd that they completely hijack her presentation. I feel it would be more realistic if they showed Lorelai trying to wrap up her presentation, and then they start with their questions. Because if they are so eager to ask Lorelai all these questions, chances are they would have tried to ask her at some other function while Rory was still attending that school. Or they would have tried to ask Rory while she was a student there, and we never hear about that.

I went fairly minimal with the kale because again, I'm not big on veggie smoothies.

Then we get to Debbie and the other moms attacking Lorelai for not deflecting the questions. I hate this scene so much because if the moms had a problem with how Lorelai answered their questions (which I don’t even think they should have one), they should have taken issue with the teacher or Debbie who was in the classroom and could have shut it down. I think the students’ questions were fine (again, because they probably don’t have anyone else they can ask), but if the moms are going to take issue, it shouldn’t be with Lorelai.

Again, feel free to strain your smoothie through a sieve.

I also really loathe the way Rory acts towards Shane in this episode. Shane is not even on the phone for that long, and she hangs up so that Rory can make her purchase. I get that Rory is jealous of Shane because she wants to be with Jess, but as I’ve mentioned, she has zero ground to stand on when she’s still with Dean. A lot of people like to blame Yale and or Logan for the downfall of Rory’s character, but it’s clear in this scene that Rory has always been like that.

Summer is quickly approaching here in Texas, so if you’re looking for something to cool down, may I suggest my take on salad water?

Happy Cooking in the Hollow!

I love the bright green color of this smoothie.

If you missed what I made last episode, catch up here!

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